Odds of Winning

Atlantic Lottery offers a wide variety of entertaining games that offer a chance to win prizes ranging from a free ticket to millions of dollars. Part of Atlantic Lottery’s mandate for offering our products responsibly is to help players understand the odds of winning our games. The one thing all games have in common is that winning or losing is based on randomness. While the dream of winning is exciting, it’s important to keep in mind what the true chances of winning the top prize are.

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Sports Products

The odds for the sports games PRO•LINE, Over/Under and GameDay fluctuate with the sporting events selected by the player. Players can choose to wager on outcomes with higher odds (underdogs) or lower odds (favorites). They can also choose to wager on more events (up to six) or fewer events (as few as three) per ticket. Choosing more underdogs and playing more events on a ticket will increase the potential payout, but it also means a lower likelihood of winning.


EGDs (slot machines)

The amount a machine pays out is called the “payout percentage”. Payout percentages for Electronic Gaming Devices (EGDs) vary by game. PEI Gaming Regulations require that EGDs have a theoretical payout of no less than 80%. The actual payout percentage of EGD’s at Red Shores averages between 90% – 93%. The payout percentage tends to be higher than the player cash-out percentage because consumers commonly play some of the prizes they win in order to extend play time.Therefore, on average, 90% – 93% of all money played on EDGs at Red Shores is returned to players in prizes of varying amounts. Within a particular game, the theoretical payout always remains the same. For example, if you play a game with a 92% theoretical payout percentage on Monday, the theoretical payout percentage will be the same on Friday.

  • This does not mean that the EGD is guaranteed to pay back 92 cents on every dollar played.
  • Over an extended period of games played, the EGD should theoretically pay back 92% of all money played through various prize amounts which may or may not include one or more top prize amounts.
  • The remaining 8%, which is known as the theoretical hold percentage, is what is kept by the EGD as an average over time.



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