Responsible Gambling Features

The safest way to have fun when engaging in gambling activities is to have the information you need so that you can apply that knowledge before you play. Research shows that informed players make healthier decisions when gambling.

Red Shores has many responsible gambling features developed to minimize the risk of excessive play while offering an enhanced entertainment experience.

Play Wise Information Centre – Visit the PlayWise Information Centre located at Red Shores to access gambling information and educational tools on responsible gambling, problem gambling, gambling products offered at Red Shores, and links to community resources. For more information or support you can speak to an on-site PlayWise Advisor. The PlayWise Advisor can be reached at: (902) 620-4267.

Responsible Gambling Brochures – There are a variety of brochures about responsible gambling, problem gambling and product information available at the Information Centre. Additional information is also located on posters and digital signage throughout the facility.

Self-Exclusion Program – Click here to view the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program page for more details

Toll-free Number for PEI Addiction Services – A scrolling banner promoting the toll-free number is shown on each terminal on the gaming floor. Players calling the number will be connected to PEI Addictions Services. Information about the onsite Play Wise Information Centre is also shown on each machine

Responsible Gambling Staff Training – Red Shores staff receive training on the responsible gambling resources available onsite, their role and responsibility as it relates to responsible gambling, and how to support a player who approaches them with a gambling-related concern.

19+ Policy – Gambling prevalence studies from across North America, including P.E.I., show a connection between the early onset of gambling activity and the later development of problem gambling. While people of all ages are welcome at Red Shores, you must be 19 years of age or older to participate in any gambling activity. Age restricted areas, such as the gaming floor, are clearly indicated by appropriate signage.

Responsible Service of Alcohol – All Red Shores food and beverage staff must attend the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission’s Responsible Beverage Service Program and follow the principles of this program when serving alcohol. Players may show less inhibition and bet excessively when intoxicated, which is why anyone showing signs of intoxication will not be permitted to remain.

No ATMs on Gaming Floor – Although ATMs are available at Red Shores, there are no ATMs in the gaming floor.

No Credit for Players – Patrons are NOT permitted to borrow money or receive credit from Red Shores. It is also against Red Shores policy to cash any type of business or personal cheque. However, travelers’ cheques are accepted onsite.


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