$50,000 Rock & Roll Riches

Coming Nov 4, 2019

Swipe & Play daily for your chance to Win $50,000 or other fantastic prizes!


How to Play:

Swipe your Rewards Club card at the $50,000 Rock & Roll Riches kiosk, on the Casino floor in Charlottetown.

Play the game by simply selecting 6 of the 36 symbols displayed on the screen.

Win the corresponding prizes listed below by revealing winning symbols.



Play every day.  Win every Play.

6 Winning Symbols – $50,000

5 Winning Symbols – $250

4 Winning Symbols – Rib Rageous Buffet at the Top of the Park

3 Winning Symbols – Red Shores Merchandise

2 Winning Symbols – $10 Dining Card for Red’s Gold Cup Lounge

1 Winning Symbols – $10 Free Slot Play

0 Winning Symbols – $5 Free Slot Play


Please Note:

  • Each Rewards Club Member is only permitted to play at the kiosk once per day. 
  • The kiosk will print out a receipt with the prize, prize details, instructions of how to redeem your prize, and prize expiration date. 

Click here to read the Official Red Shores $50,000 Rock n Roll Riches Rules & Regulations