Drive For Charity

The Drive for Charity event features 10 of Prince Edward Island’s top harness drivers. The drivers partnered with Island businesses to raise money for local charities. Meet the teams in the Drive for Charity!

Drive for Charity Official Results
Charlottetown, PE – The sixth annual Drive for Charity was made official on Saturday at Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park. Drivers and their business partners teamed up to raise money for local charities.

Here are the official totals: Driver, Business, Charity and Money Raised

Gary Chappell – MacRae Backhoe and Trucking – Wolf Manor Equestrian Centre – $1,000

Ken Murphy – Hansen Electric – Canadian Mental Health – $1,050

Mark Bradley – Syntrak Print & Graphics – PEI Hospice Foundation – $1,000

Adam Merner – Charlottetown Vet Clinic – QEH Foundation in Memory of Shelly Gass – $1,500

Corey MacPherson – Metro Home Building Centre – PEI Cancer Society – $1,000

Gilles Barrieau – MacQuarrie Meats – Upper Room Food Bank – $1,500

Kenny Arsenault – Daniel R Ross INC – Camp Gencheff – $1,200

Jason Hughes – Red Shores Racetrack & Casino – Muscular Dystrophy Canada – $1,200

Walter Cheverie – Meridian Farms – Kidsport PEI – $1,000

Marc Campbell – A&M Snow Removal – MS Society – $1,000

Total money raised: $11,450

Picture 1: Drivers and their businesses present cheques to their respective charities in the Drive for Charity Promotion.



Picture 2: Driver Walter Cheverie (missing from photo), Gemma Keough representing charity Kidsport PEI and Brian Andrew of Meridian Farms. Meridian Farms teamed up with Cheverie to raise $1,000 for Kidsport PEI.

Picture 3: Driver Mark Bradley, Lorna Jenkins representing PEI Hospice Foundation, and Norbert Stewart of Syntrak Print & Graphics. Bradley teamed up with Syntrak Print & Graphics to raise $1,000 for the PEI Hospice Foundation.

Picture 4: Driver Marc Campbell, Sarah Flohr representing the MS Society, and Joey Gallant of A&M Snow Removal. A&M Snow removal teamed up with Campbell to raise $1,000 for the MS Society.

Picture 5: Driver Kenny Arsenault, Michael Morrison representing Camp Gencheff, and Daniel Ross of Daniel R. Ross INC. Arsenault teamed up with Daniel R. Ross INC to raise $1,200 for Camp Gencheff.

Picture 6: Driver Ken Murphy, Bianca McGregor representing Canadian Mental Health, and Jason Hughes of Hansen Electric. Hansen Electric teamed up with Murphy to raise $1,050 for Canadian Mental Health.

Picture 7: Driver Jason Hughes, Jeff Poirier representing Muscular Dystrophy Canada, and Adam Walsh of Red Shores Racetrack & Casino. Hughes teamed up with Red Shores to raise $1,200 for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Picture 8: Driver Gilles Barrieau, Mike MacDonald representing the Upper Room Food Bank, and Dwayne MacQuarrie of MacQuarrie Meats. MacQuarrie Meats teamed up with Barrieau to raise $1,500 for the Upper Room Food Bank.

Picture 9: Driver Gary Chappell, Alisha Wolf representing Wolf Manor Equestrian Centre, and Donald MacRae of MacRae Backhoe and Trucking. Chappell teamed up with MacRae Backhoe and Trucking to raise $1,000 for Wolf Manor Equestrian Centre.

Picture 10: Driver Corey MacPherson, Gail MacDonald representing the PEI Cancer Society, and Peter Smith of Metro Home Building Centre. Metro Home Building Centre teamed up with MacPherson to raise $1,000 for the PEI Cancer Society.

Picture 11: Driver Adam Merner, Ed Lawlor representing the QEH Foundation, and Dr. James Boswell of the Charlottetown Vet Clinic. Merner teamed up with the Charlottetown Vet Clinic to raise $1,500 for the QEH Foundation in Memory of Shelly Gass.