Healthy Play Habits

Keeping track of your play is a healthy way to PlayWise.

Setting a time and money limit is a healthy way to PlayWise.

Balancing gambling with other forms of entertainment is a healthy way to PlayWise.

What is PlayWise?

PlayWise is a collection of tips and tools to help you make enhanced decisions about your play.  From understanding how the games work to knowing the odds, PlayWise is about enjoying the games and playing for fun and entertainment.

PlayWise offers information on:

  • Chance and skill-based games
  • Key gambling facts
  • Understand the odds
  • Dispel common gambling myths
  • Healthy play habits
  • Budget and limit setting

PlayWise and have fun!

Red Shores PlayWise Information Centre & PlayWise Advisors

Stop by the PlayWise Information Centre located at both casino locations to access gambling-related information and educational tools, links to community resources, or to speak with one of our PlayWise Advisors. PlayWise Advisors are onsite to provide information, education and support to players, employees, and guests.

For more information on the services available at the PlayWise Information Centre speak to an on-site PlayWise Advisor. The PlayWise Advisor can be reached at: (902) 620-4267 or by email at:

PlayWise team

Book a free Information Session with a PlayWise Advisor to learn more about Healthy Play and other gambling-related topics.

Our Commitment

Our promises to our patrons, our employees, our retailers, and our community in regards to responsible gambling.


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Available PlayWise Tools and Resources

Red Shores has many PlayWise tools and resources to support you in making enhanced decisions about your play.


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How the Games Work

All our games offer a chance to win prizes ranging from a free ticket to millions of dollars. Every play has the same chance of being a winner or loser as the one before it or after it; however, your odds of winning prizes of different values vary based on the size of the prize available to be won.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but always keep in mind how the games work and your true chances of winning the top prizes.


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myths & facts

Learn More About Your Play Behaviour

One way to keep your play fun is to evaluate your play on a regular basis to ensure that gambling is a positive experience for you.  


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Self-Exclusion Program

The Self-Exclusion Program allows anyone to voluntarily ban themselves from the gaming floor at the Red Shores Racetrack and Casino in both Charlottetown and Summerside. Players who enroll in the program can choose to exclude themselves for a period 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

Thinking about taking a break? Find out if Self-Exclusion is right for you by reaching out to any member of the Red Shores team.


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Resources for Support

If gambling becomes a problem for you or someone you know, there are many resources that can be accessed for support and information.


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