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Atlantic Lottery and Red Shores are committed to promoting the responsible use of our products. More than a philosophy, responsibility is a core value for Atlantic Lottery and Red Shores and is the foundation for business decisions.

Our Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Since 1976, Atlantic Lottery has offered regulated and entertaining games of chance. The authority to operate these games comes with our mandate to provide safe and responsible products for those Atlantic Canadians who choose to game and, through that effort, deliver optimized and responsible profits to the Shareholders. No one benefits when players experience problems with their gambling; that’s why everyone has an interest in preventing it.

The following code of conduct represents Atlantic Lottery’s commitment to providing games of chance in a manner that reflects community values. Our focus is on education and awareness with prevention being the ultimate goal. Atlantic Lottery supports harm reduction and treatment in cooperation with those responsible for the delivery of health and addictions services.Atlantic Lottery and Red Shores are committed to promoting the responsible use of our products. More than a philosophy, responsibility is a core value for Atlantic Lottery and Red Shores and is the foundation for business decisions.

Atlantic Lottery is committed to creating greater awareness of responsible gambling with employees. Our online interactive employee training programs provide employees with the knowledge to understand how responsible gambling applies to them and their role, and provides the necessary tools so they can speak comfortably about responsible gambling, and know how to deal with responsible gambling situations they may be faced with.

Atlantic Lottery provides players with access to tools, features and information to help make informed decisions when playing Atlantic Lottery products. This includes system and game features as well as information on prize structure, odds and how the games work, facts or “myth-busters” that dispel common gambling misconceptions, and PlayWise materials with warning signs of problem gambling. Atlantic Lottery funds a Support Line for callers in crisis and displays community resource information and helpline numbers for those who may experience problems with their gambling. We access the latest research and consult with independent experts when developing our approach to educating players and helping them play responsibly.

At Red Shores Racetrack and Casino, the PlayWise Information Centre is located off the gaming floor, where a PlayWise Advisor can provide support and information to players and employees. In addition, these advisors act as an advocate for players who choose to enroll in Red Shores’ voluntary self-exclusion program – a program for those who wish to ban themselves from the gaming floor. In keeping with our core value of responsibility, we must take the necessary steps to assist players who show signs of emotional distress.

Through the online, interactive retailer training program Atlantic Lottery provides retailers with the necessary tools and training to better prepare them to recognize the warning signs of problem gambling with their customers and to provide those customers with information on how to access community resources.

Atlantic Lottery will engage and support the community in responsible gambling activities. We will meet with, and learn from, a broad cross-section of community groups. Through our Responsible Gambling Community Partnership Program, we will support local initiatives that promote education, awareness, prevention and access to treatment. We will continue to support independent research that contributes to problem gambling awareness, prevention and treatment.

Gambling prevalence studies from across North America show a connection between gambling activity at a young age and the potential for a gambling problem later in life. Atlantic Lottery will ensure that those under 19 years of age do not have access to our gaming facilities and products, and that age-restricted areas are clearly indicated. We will continue to work with our retailers to strengthen existing programs to verify the age of our players.

Atlantic Lottery is committed to ensuring our advertising reflects the highest of standards and complies with Canada’s Code of Advertising Standard. Advertising must be factual and must not oversell the winning experience, encourage over consumption, or depict gambling as an investment. Advertising must not include messages to, or be placed in media intended for, those under 19 years of age.

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Responsible Gambling Features

The safest way to have fun when engaging in gambling activities is to have the information you need so that you can apply that knowledge before you play. Research shows that informed players make healthier decisions when gambling.

Red Shores has many responsible gambling features developed to minimize the risk of excessive play while offering an enhanced entertainment experience.

Visit the PlayWise Information Centre located at Red Shores to access gambling information and educational tools on responsible gambling, problem gambling, gambling products offered at Red Shores, and links to community resources. For more information or support you can speak to an on-site PlayWise Advisor. The PlayWise Advisor can be reached at: (902) 620-4267.

Red Shores offers Rewards Club members access to their Player Account Statement. The Player Account Statement shows how much time and money you spent on slots while your Rewards Club card was in the machine. You can use the statement to see if your spending makes sense for your lifestyle and the resources you have. Visit the Rewards Desk to request your statement or speak with a PlayWise Advisor today.

Player Account Statements are currently only available for slot machine play.

There are a variety of brochures about responsible gambling, problem gambling and product information available at the Information Centre. Additional information is also located on posters and digital signage throughout the facility.

Click here to view the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program page for more details

A scrolling banner promoting the toll-free number is shown on each terminal on the gaming floor. Players calling the number will be connected to PEI Addictions Services. Information about the onsite Play Wise Information Centre is also shown on each machine.

Red Shores staff receive training on the responsible gambling resources available onsite, their role and responsibility as it relates to responsible gambling, and how to support a player who approaches them with a gambling-related concern.

Gambling prevalence studies from across North America, including P.E.I., show a connection between the early onset of gambling activity and the later development of problem gambling. While people of all ages are welcome at Red Shores, you must be 19 years of age or older to participate in any gambling activity. Age restricted areas, such as the gaming floor, are clearly indicated by appropriate signage.

All Red Shores food and beverage staff must attend the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission’s Responsible Beverage Service Program and follow the principles of this program when serving alcohol. Players may show less inhibition and bet excessively when intoxicated, which is why anyone showing signs of intoxication will not be permitted to remain.

Although ATMs are available at Red Shores, there are no ATMs in the gaming floor.

Patrons are NOT permitted to borrow money or receive credit from Red Shores. It is also against Red Shores policy to cash any type of business or personal cheque. However, travelers’ cheques are accepted onsite.

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Playwise Information Centre

Visit our PlayWise Information Centre locations in Charlottetown and Summerside to pick up information on responsible gambling, problem gambling, gambling products offered at Red Shores and available community resources. Informative brochures are available whenever the casino is open. A PlayWise Advisor is available to offer information, encourage healthy play and provide assistance to players and the public.

The PlayWise Information Centre can be reached at 902-620-4267.

A computer is set up in the PlayWise Information Centre with access to various gambling related websites.

This computer program allows players to gain a greater understanding of how slot machines work. The slot tutorial explains how odds & randomness work within the games that we offer.

Designed to help players see the physical design of the machine.

This interactive and user friendly tool helps examine the cost of play while assisting players in setting an entertainment budget.

An interactive kiosk that is free and easy to use. If offers four fun and interactive activities for players as well as responsible gambling information and community resource information.

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Role of The Playwise Advisor

The PlayWise Information Centre, located at both casino locations, is staffed by qualified, professional PlayWise Advisors. Their role is:

  • To promote gambling products and information in a manner that encourages recreational play and empowers patrons to make informed decisions about their gambling activities
  • To educate and to create awareness of RG among visitors, players and employees
  • To engage and maintain relationships with community agencies
  • To implement RG features and materials at Red Shores
  • To offer support, information and referrals to players who are concerned about their gambling behaviour
  • To act as an advocate for the player through the self-exclusion program process.

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Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

The Self-Exclusion Program allows anyone to voluntarily ban themselves from the gaming floor at the Red Shores Racetrack and Casino in both Charlottetown and Summerside. Players who enroll in the program can choose to exclude themselves for a period 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

To access the program, simply visit or call the PlayWise Information Centre located within Red Shores or speak to any member of the Red Shores Security team.

The self-exclusion registration process can take place onsite at Red Shores or at an offsite location (i.e. Addiction Services). During the registration process, you will meet with two staff members in a private setting who will guide you through the process. You will be asked to show government issued photo ID that includes your signature. If you are a Rewards Club member, you will be given the opportunity to redeem your points before your membership is cancelled.

During the registration process you will be provided with information on available community resources such as the PEI Gambling Support Line, Addiction Services and Credit Counselling. The PlayWise Advisors and/or the Security Supervisor can set up a referral for you, as well as arrange a follow-up call from one of the PlayWise Advisors.

While enrolled in the Self-Exclusion program, you are not permitted to enter the gaming floor at either of the Red Shores locations.

If you are found on the gaming floor during your self-exclusion period, you will be escorted from the gaming floor. It will then be by the discretion of the Manager of Security whether or not a breach/trespass will be issued to you, which could potentially add an additional time frame on to your original self-exclusion time period. These consequences are intended to deter you from attempting to return to the gaming floor.

Although Red Shores manages the Self-Exclusion program; offers information on how to get help; and sets up referrals to available community resources, it is your responsibility to honor the commitment you have made to yourself.

For many people, once they have registered in the program, they will choose not to return to the gaming facility, even after their self-exclusion period has ended. Unless you apply to be reinstated, you will remain self-excluded from the gaming floor. If you do not wish to reinstate, you do not need to contact Red Shores.

If you decide that reinstating is appropriate for you, you must provide a written request to re-enter the gaming floor to the Manager of Security or the General Manager. A review will be done of your file to ensure you’re eligible for reinstatement. Once this is confirmed, you will be contacted by a PlayWise Advisor to schedule a meeting time for your reinstatement.

Your reinstatement will take place onsite at Red Shores with a PlayWise Advisor and a Security Supervisor. Once all documentation is signed off, and you have completed the online mandatory reinstatement tutorial, you will able to enter the gaming floor following a 30 day wait period.


It is important to know that resources are available for your support. For confidential assistance, please call the PEI Problem Gambling Support Line1-855-255-4255 or visit www.peigamblingsupport.com.

At any point during your self-exclusion, you may contact one of the PlayWise Advisors for more information; however you may not enter the gaming floor to do so. Please contact PlayWise at (902) 620.4267.

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Available Materials

Bilingual information on several topics is available at the PlayWise Information Centre and throughout both Red Shores locations. To view any of the following brochures, click on one of the following topics:

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Odds of Winning

Atlantic Lottery offers a wide variety of entertaining games that offer a chance to win prizes ranging from a free ticket to millions of dollars. Part of Atlantic Lottery’s mandate for offering our products responsibly is to help players understand the odds of winning our games. The one thing all games have in common is that winning or losing is based on randomness. While the dream of winning is exciting, it’s important to keep in mind what the true chances of winning the top prize are.

For more information on the odds of winning please visit:


The odds for the sports games PRO•LINE, Over/Under and GameDay fluctuate with the sporting events selected by the player. Players can choose to wager on outcomes with higher odds (underdogs) or lower odds (favorites). They can also choose to wager on more events (up to six) or fewer events (as few as three) per ticket. Choosing more underdogs and playing more events on a ticket will increase the potential payout, but it also means a lower likelihood of winning.

The amount a machine pays out is called the “payout percentage”. Payout percentages for Electronic Gaming Devices (EGDs) vary by game. PEI Gaming Regulations require that EGDs have a theoretical payout of no less than 80%. The actual payout percentage of EGD’s at Red Shores averages between 90% – 93%. The payout percentage tends to be higher than the player cash-out percentage because consumers commonly play some of the prizes they win in order to extend play time.Therefore, on average, 90% – 93% of all money played on EDGs at Red Shores is returned to players in prizes of varying amounts. Within a particular game, the theoretical payout always remains the same. For example, if you play a game with a 92% theoretical payout percentage on Monday, the theoretical payout percentage will be the same on Friday.

  • This does not mean that the EGD is guaranteed to pay back 92 cents on every dollar played.
  • Over an extended period of games played, the EGD should theoretically pay back 92% of all money played through various prize amounts which may or may not include one or more top prize amounts.
  • The remaining 8%, which is known as the theoretical hold percentage, is what is kept by the EGD as an average over time.

Tips to Keep Gambling Fun 

  • Balance gambling with other forms of entertainment
  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Set a time limit and stick to it
  • Maintain a gambling journal
  • Avoid gambling when intoxicated
  • Take frequent breaks

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Signs of Problem Gambling

Most people who participate in gambling do so responsibly and for entertainment. There is, however, a small percentage of the population (between 1% and 5%) whose gambling behaviours become damaging to themselves, their family or their workplace.

Gambling requires three resources: time, money and energy. Gambling becomes a problem if these resources are spent at the expense of other areas, such as personal relationships, family, employment, academics or financial commitments.


  • Spending more time and money than intended
  • Arguing about gambling with friends and family
  • After losing, having the urge to return as soon as possible to win back losses
  • Feeling guilt or remorse about gambling
  • Borrowing money or selling assets to gamble
  • Considering illegal means of obtaining money to gamble
  • Missing work in order to gamble
  • Hiding the extent of gambling activity

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    Resources For Support

    If gambling becomes a problem for you or someone you know, there are many resources that can be accessed for support and information. There are also many self-assessment tools available online or through Addiction Services which can help you assess your gambling behaviours.

    Each Atlantic Canadian province provides support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for people experiencing problems with their gambling activities through a free, confidential helpline.

    • 1-800-461-1234 in New Brunswick
    • 1-888-899-HELP (4357) in Newfoundland & Labrador
    • 1-888-347-8888 in Nova Scotia
    • 1-855-255-4255 in Prince Edward Island

      Treatment is available for people experiencing problems with gambling through Addiction Services.

      • Programs are offered at the Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility in Mount Herbert. Referrals available at the PlayWise Information Centre.
      • Mobile services are also offered in the other regions of the Island. For more information, call 1-888-299-8399.
      • Additional information can be found on the Addiction Services website.

        Red Shores’ self-exclusion program is a voluntary program for players who wish to ban themselves for the gaming floor for a period of 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. Players can access the program by visiting the PlayWise Information Centre and speaking to a PlayWise Advisor or one of the security officers. The PlayWise Advisor, along with a security officer, will assist the player through the self-exclusion process and will act as their advocate. For further information on the self-exclusion program, visit the PlayWise Information Centre or call 902-620-4267 for our Charlottetown location and 902-888-5675 for our Summerside location.

          • Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
            GA is an anonymous fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other to help themselves and others recover from gambling.
          • Gam-Anon
            Gam-Anon is a 12 step self-help organization for those affected by the gambling problem of a loved one. No dues or fees are required.
          • Credit Counselling PEI
            A confidential service provided by Family Service PEI at no charge. The goal is to help Islanders deal with debt concerns and money management. For more information on the available services, please call 902-892-2441 in the Charlottetown area or 902-436-9171 in the Summerside area.
          • Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada
            The Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, Inc. (CCSAC) is a registered non-profit organization, providing confidential and professional budget, credit and debt repayment counseling programs to families and individuals. For more information, please call 1-888-753-2227 or visit.
          • Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling
            The Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling provides information and resources to help prevent problem gambling.
          • Responsible Gambling Council
            The Responsible Gambling Council works with individuals and communities to address gambling in a healthy and responsible way. The Council undertakes research and public awareness programs designed to prevent gambling-related problems.
          • GamTalk Forum
            GamTalk is an online forum for anyone who wants to discuss gambling issues, concerns about the gambling behaviour of a friend or loved one, or advice on ways to keep gambling responsible. Developed by Dr. Richard Wood, a psychologist who specializes in responsible gambling initiatives, GamTalk will create a support network for players at all levels of the risk continuum.
          • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
            An online community supported by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). This website contains information about problem gambling for individuals concerned about their own, or someone else’s gambling. ProblemGambling.ca also provides an online space for professionals to exchange knowledge and resources about problem gambling.
          • Smart Recovery
            SMART Recovery is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Our participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups. The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program® helps people recover from all types of addiction, including gambling addictions. For more information please email smartrecoveryqueenspei@gmail.com or visit our local Facebook Page – SMART Recovery PEI-Queen’s County.


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          Assess Your Gambling Behavior

          It’s important to evaluate your gambling habits and behaviour to ensure that gambling remains entertaining, yet safe. There are many different types of self-assessment tools available online or through Addiction Services which can help you assess your gambling behaviour. These self-assessment tools are not intended to diagnose problem gambling but can be helpful in identifying high-risk behaviour. Many provincial problem gambling rates are based on responses from the Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI).

          To assess your gambling activities through the CPGI, please click here to complete the Access My Gambling Behavior form on our ALC.ca website. It will give you a good idea of whether you need to take corrective action.

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