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Our Commitment

Since 1976, Atlantic Lottery has offered regulated and entertaining games of chance. The authority to operate these games comes with our mandate to provide safe and responsible products for those Atlantic Canadians who choose to game and, through that effort, deliver optimized and responsible profits to the Shareholders. No one benefits when players experience problems with their gambling; that’s why everyone has an interest in preventing it.

The following code of conduct represents Atlantic Lottery’s commitment to providing games of chance in a manner that reflects community values. Our focus is on education and awareness with prevention being the goal. Atlantic Lottery supports harm reduction and treatment in cooperation with those responsible for the delivery of health and addiction services. Atlantic Lottery and Red Shores are committed to promoting the responsible use of our products. More than a philosophy, responsibility is a core value for Atlantic Lottery and Red Shores and is the foundation for business decisions.


Our Commitment to Our Employees

Atlantic Lottery is committed to creating greater awareness of responsible gambling with employees. Our online interactive employee training programs provide employees with the knowledge to understand how responsible gambling applies to them and their role and provides the necessary tools so they can speak comfortably about responsible gambling and know how to deal with responsible gambling situations they may be faced with.


Our Commitment to Players

Atlantic Lottery provides players with access to tools, features and information to help make informed decisions when playing Atlantic Lottery products. This includes system and game features as well as information on prize structure, odds and how the games work, facts or “myth-busters” that dispel common gambling misconceptions, and PlayWise materials with warning signs of problem gambling. Atlantic Lottery funds a Support Line for callers in crisis and displays community resource information and helpline numbers for those who may experience problems with their gambling. We access the latest research and consult with independent experts when developing our approach to educating players and helping them play responsibly.

At Red Shores Racetrack and Casino, the PlayWise Information Centre is located off the gaming floor, where a PlayWise Advisor can provide support and information to players and employees. In addition, these advisors act as an advocate for players who choose to enroll in Red Shores’ voluntary self-exclusion program – a program for those who wish to ban themselves from the gaming floor. In keeping with our core value of responsibility, we must take the necessary steps to assist players who show signs of emotional distress.


Our Commitment to Retailers

Through the online, interactive retailer training program Atlantic Lottery provides retailers with the necessary tools and training to better prepare them to recognize the warning signs of problem gambling with their customers and to provide those customers with information on how to access community resources.


Our Commitment to The Community

Atlantic Lottery will engage and support the community in responsible gambling activities. We will meet with, and learn from, a broad cross-section of community groups. Through our Responsible Gambling Community Partnership Program, we will support local initiatives that promote education, awareness, prevention and access to treatment. We will continue to support independent research that contributes to problem gambling awareness, prevention and treatment.


Our Commitment to Prevent Underage Gambling

Gambling prevalence studies from across North America show a connection between gambling activity at a young age and the potential for a gambling problem later in life. Atlantic Lottery will ensure that those under 19 years of age do not have access to our gaming facilities and products, and that age-restricted areas are clearly indicated. We will continue to work with our retailers to strengthen existing programs to verify the age of our players.


Our Commitment to Advertise Responsibly

Atlantic Lottery is committed to ensuring our advertising reflects the highest of standards and complies with Canada’s Code of Advertising Standard. Advertising must be factual and must not oversell the winning experience, encourage over consumption, or depict gambling as an investment. Advertising must not include messages to, or be placed in media intended for, those under 19 years of age.

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