If you or someone you know has concerns about their play, support is just a phone call away.

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Our Healthy Play Commitment

Our Objective

As Red Shores & Atlantic Lottery’s healthy play program, we are here to encourage healthy play and support those who are experiencing concerns related to their gambling.

Healthy play is typically characterized by playing for fun and entertainment with an understanding of how the games work, being able to decide how much time to spend, and playing within a player’s means.

Red Shores & Atlantic Lottery offer a wide variety of resources and tools which allow players to choose a play experience that works best for them. Red Shores & Atlantic Lottery’s healthy play objective is to encourage healthy play and support those who are experiencing concerns related to their gambling.

Our Ambition 

  • For ALL players to have fun with our games!
  • Red Shores & Atlantic Lottery wants those Atlantic Canadian adults who choose to play with us to enjoy our games as another form of entertainment.
  • Which means they know how the games work; decide how much time they want to play; and are only playing within their means.

Our Commitment to our Players 

  • We provide the tools and information to help keep it fun
  • We communicate how the games work
  • As fellow Atlantic Canadians, we are there when needed

Our Commitment to our Employees 

  • To create greater awareness amongst employees of healthy play initiatives, tools, and resources.
  • Red Shores & Atlantic Lottery reserves the right to change policies, rules and procedures as required to comply with legislation and meet business needs. Failure to abide by these policies, rules, and procedures is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  • To provide employees with the knowledge to understand how healthy play applies to them and their role.
  • To provide the necessary tools so they can speak comfortably about healthy play and know how to respond to situations they may be faced with.

    Our Commitment to Retailers 

    • To provide retailers with knowledge on how the games work, the odds of winning, myth busting and the healthy play tools available to customer.
    • To provide retailers with the necessary tools and training to better prepare them to support customers who may have questions or concerns about their play.

    Our Commitment to the Community 

    • To engage and support local initiatives that promote education, awareness, and access to services/resources.
    • To collaborate, and learn from, a broad cross-section of community groups.
    • To support independent research that contributes to healthy play awareness, prevention, and treatment.

    Our Commitment to Prevent Underage Gambling 

    • To ensure that those under 19 years of age do not have access to our gaming facilities and products, and that age-restricted areas are clearly indicated.
    • To work with our retailers to strengthen existing programs to verify the age of our players.

    Our Commitment to Advertise Responsibly 

    • To ensure our advertising reflects the highest of standards and complies with Canada’s Code of Advertising Standard.
    • To ensure our advertising is factual and not oversell the winning experience, encourage over consumption, or depict gambling as an investment.
    • To ensure our advertising does not include messages to, or be placed in media intended for, those under 19 years of age.