Healthy Play Habits

Keeping track of your play is a healthy way to PlayWise.

Setting a time and money limit is a healthy way to PlayWise.

Balancing gambling with other forms of entertainment is a healthy way to PlayWise.

Available PlayWise Tools and Resources

Healthy Play Habits

  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Set a time limit and stick to it
  • Keep track of your play
  • Know how the games work, and the odds of winning
  • Avoid gambling when impaired or fatigued
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Balance gambling with other forms of entertainment
  • Treat wins for what they are: random events that should be enjoyed when they happen without expecting more wins to follow

Player Account Statement

Red Shores offers Rewards Club members access to their Player Account Statement. The Player Account Statement shows how much money you spent while using your Rewards Club card (this includes table games). You can use the statement to see if your spending makes sense for your lifestyle and the resources you have. Visit the Rewards Desk to request your statement or speak with a PlayWise Advisor today.

Player Account Statements are currently only available for carded play.

PlayWise Brochures

There are a variety of PlayWise brochures available throughout both Red Shores locations, as well posters and digital signage throughout the facility.

Available Materials:

19+ Policy

Although guests of all ages are welcomes at Red Shores, you must be 19 years of age or older to participate in gambling activities. For more information on youth gambling, click here.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

All Red Shores service employees attend the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission’s Responsible Beverage Service Program and follow the principles of this program. Guests showing signs of intoxication will not be permitted to remain.

No Credit for Players

Guests are NOT permitted to borrow money or receive credit from Red Shores. It is also against Red Shores policy to cash any type of business or personal cheque.

Toll-Free Number for PEI Gambling Support Line

A scrolling banner promoting the toll-free gambling support line is shown on each terminal on the gaming floor. Players calling the number will be connected to free and confidential support.

Slot Tutorial

A computer program that informs players how the slot machines work. It explains how odds and randomness work.

Open Slot Machine

Designed to help players see the physical design of the machine.

World Lottery Association Certified

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