Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

The First Step

The Self-Exclusion Program allows anyone to voluntarily ban themselves from the gaming floor at the Red Shores Racetrack and Casino in both Charlottetown and Summerside. Players who enroll in the program can choose to exclude themselves for a period 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

To access the program, simply visit or call the PlayWise Information Centre located within Red Shores or speak to any member of the Red Shores Security team.


What happens next?

The self-exclusion registration process can take place onsite at Red Shores or at an offsite location (i.e. Addiction Services). During the registration process, you will meet with two staff members in a private setting who will guide you through the process. You will be asked to show government issued photo ID that includes your signature. If you are a Rewards Club member, you will be given the opportunity to redeem your points before your membership is cancelled.

During the registration process you will be provided with information on available community resources such as the PEI Gambling Support Line, Addiction Services and Credit Counselling. The PlayWise Advisors and/or the Security Supervisor can set up a referral for you, as well as arrange a follow-up call from one of the PlayWise Advisors.


What are my responsibilities while self-excluded?

While enrolled in the Self-Exclusion program, you are not permitted to enter the gaming floor at either of the Red Shores locations.

If you are found on the gaming floor during your self-exclusion period, you will be escorted from the gaming floor. It will then be by the discretion of the Manager of Security whether or not a breach/trespass will be issued to you, which could potentially add an additional time frame on to your original self-exclusion time period. These consequences are intended to deter you from attempting to return to the gaming floor.

Although Red Shores manages the Self-Exclusion program; offers information on how to get help; and sets up referrals to available community resources, it is your responsibility to honor the commitment you have made to yourself.


What happens at the end of self-exclusion?

For many people, once they have registered in the program, they will choose not to return to the gaming facility, even after their self-exclusion period has ended. Unless you apply to be reinstated, you will remain self-excluded from the gaming floor. If you do not wish to reinstate, you do not need to contact Red Shores.

If you decide that reinstating is appropriate for you, you must provide a written request to re-enter the gaming floor to the Manager of Security or the General Manager. A review will be done of your file to ensure you’re eligible for reinstatement. Once this is confirmed, you will be contacted by a PlayWise Advisor to schedule a meeting time for your reinstatement.

Your reinstatement will take place onsite at Red Shores with a PlayWise Advisor and a Security Supervisor. Once all documentation is signed off, and you have completed the online mandatory reinstatement tutorial, you will able to enter the gaming floor following a 30 day wait period.


Help is available.

It is important to know that resources are available for your support. For confidential assistance, please call the PEI Problem Gambling Support Line1-855-255-4255 or visit www.peigamblingsupport.com.

At any point during your self-exclusion, you may contact one of the PlayWise Advisors for more information; however you may not enter the gaming floor to do so. Please contact PlayWise at (902) 620.4267.


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