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Lasix Program for PEI 2016


PREAMBLE: These rules apply to overnight events. All stake and added money events shall be governed by their own printed conditions. All races shall be governed by the rules set forth by the Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission and Standardbred Canada.
1. Under no circumstances will any profane or abusive language be directed toward any official or employee of the Red Shores at Charlottetown Driving Park and Red Shores at Summerside Raceway. Violation of this directive will result in an immediate and indefinite suspension from any, and all, privileges associated with the CDP and SRW.
2. Any violation or infraction deemed to be “not in the best interest of harness racing” is subject to suspension from any, and all, privileges associated Charlottetown Driving Park and Summerside Raceway.
3. Any person(s) jogging and/or training a race horse must be a member in good standing with the Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission and Standardbred Canada. Unlicensed persons are not permitted on the race track surface in control of a horse.
4. The speed limit is 10 miles per hour on roads between and around barns. Vehicles exceeding the limit shall be removed and denied further entry into the stable area.
5. The draw for postpositions shall be completed on the following schedule. All entries must be received by 9:00 am on the date of the draw. This is subject to change:
a. Friday for Wednesday;
b. Monday for Thursday;
c. Tuesday for Friday;
d. Wednesday for Saturday;
e. Thursday for Sunday;
f. Old Home Week & Lobster Carnival draw schedule shall vary.
6. Stable Entry standards shall be according to the rules and regulations outlined by the MPHRC. Red Shores reserves the right to uncouple horses for pari-mutuel purposes during early and late closing events. (Reference MPHRC Rule 207)
7. Helmets must be worn at all times when on the track jogging and/or training horses. (Reference MPHRC Rule 341(1). Violators of this rule will be fined $25.00 for a first offence. A second offence will result in a $50.00 fine. For further offences (Reference MPHRC Rule 341 (3) (iii) & (iv)).
a. For any training mile, warming up or racing, helmets must be securely fastened. (Reference MPHRC Rule 341(1))
b. Only certified helmets will be allowed at the Charlottetown Driving Park and Summerside Raceway. (Reference MPHRC Rule 341(1))
8. All persons warming up horses must wear white pants and driving colors, or a training suit that is approved by the Red Shores Management. All grooms and trainers must be properly attired.
a. Articles of clothing and helmets that are faded, torn, or soiled will not be permitted on the racetrack.
b. Failing to abide by these rules will result in a $25.00 fine for first time offenders. Second time offenders (within a 2-month period of time) will be fined $50.00 and suspended from warming up and driving privileges for (5) day period as per MPHRC Rules 137 and 389.
9. All equipment, including driving helmets, race bikes, jog carts and blankets must be of clean appearance while on the track or in the paddock area. Equipment should be free of any dirt and/or debris.



10. All terms and conditions for stall rental are outlined in the Stall Rental Agreement.
a. The allocation of stalls shall only be distributed to Standardbred Canada members with a valid MPHRC and Standardbed Canada license.
b. Stall fees shall be paid by the fifteenth (15) of each month.
c. All stall rent must be kept current. No race declarations will be accepted from those having outstanding stall rents in arrears.
11. Failure to return a Paddock Stall or Ship-In Stall in the same manner as it was given will result in a $25.00 cleaning, maintenance and repair fee. Racing privileges will be removed until the fee is paid.
12. Saddlecloths must be taken off a horse in the Paddock area. Under no circumstances shall the saddlecloth and head number be removed on the racetrack.
a. All saddlecloths must be returned to the Numbers Room. Saddlecloths must be returned to either the Numbers room or dropped in the saddle bin located in the barn area.
b. All saddlecloths are the resposibility of the trainer of the horse in which it is assigned to on a particular race night.

c: Any loss, or damage to, a saddlecloth will result in a $25 fee to the trainer who was responsible for it.
13. The towing of horses is not permitted on CDP and SRW grounds and/or racing surface.
14. Each horse entered to race may only have two (2) persons attending while in the Paddock. All attendants must be ten (10) years or age or older (Reference MPHRC Rule 98). The listed driver is not to be included in this calculation of persons.
15. Purse Distribution:
a. 5 or more starters: 50-25-12-8-5%
b. 4 starters: 50-25-15-10%
c. 3 starters: 60-30-10%
d. 2 starters: 65-35%
e. 1 starter: 100%
16. All spectators must stand behind the fence to view a race. Only horses warming up and racing, along with the respective trainers and drivers may be allowed on the track during the course of a race card.
17. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Paddock and Ship-In Barns. Any persons in control of a horse shall be subject to drug and alcohol screening (Reference MPHRC Rules – Section 6.8.2).
18. Equipment cards are to be kept on file with the Paddock Judge and must be signed by the trainer of record. Any changes to horse equipment must be made to the Race Office 1.5 hours prior to the first race of a live race card. (1pm post time changes due by 11:30am, 6pm post times changes due by 4:30pm and 7pm post times due by 5:30pm)
19. Smoking is not permitted inside the barns, ship-in barn and/or paddock.
20. Smoking is not permitted on the racetrack within 2-hours prior to post time of the first race on the program. (Reference MPHRC Rule 353(2)).
21. Licensed members under 14 years of age are not permitted to warm up or parade horses on race days.
QUALIFYING – See Racing & Qualifying Standards

2 Yr. Olds 2:08 2:08 2 Yr. Olds 2:12 2:12
3 Yr. Olds 2:06 2:06 3 Yr. Olds 2:10 2:10
Aged 2:05 2:05 Aged 2:07 2:07

1. Qualifying races will be scheduled weekly. There will be no additions after the box is closed.
2. Horses in all events must be entered at the Race Secretary’s office, including telephone entries no later than 9am unless the time prescribed on the weekly condition sheet stated differently.
3. The above standards are for races on a track classified as fast. Qualifying times may be subject to weather and track condition variances. Horses coming from another track may be accepted by the Race Secretary as long as the horse has met their qualifying time at their home track in their last start; the entry will be accepted for one start at CDP or SRW but must meet the qualifying time of the CDP or SRW in that one start or will be placed on the qualifying list. Also the horse must not be on a qualifying list as recorded by Standardbred Canada or MPHRC at the time of the draw.
4. The Race Secretary may make time allowances for horses coming from another track when the last start was in adverse weather or track conditions provided by the variant of record. Races conducted at distance other than one (1) mile may or may not be used to determine eligibility.
5. Horses making breaks in two (2) consecutive races, other than interference or equipment breaks, on a racetrack shall be required to qualify.
6. The judges may require a horse to qualify at their discretion.
7. Horses scratched sick, lame or injured in two (2) consecutive starts shall be ordered to qualify.
8. Horses not going in qualifying time coming off a qualifying race will be required to qualify.
9. Any horse that has not raced in thirty (30) days must qualify. (Reference MPHRC Rule 161)
10. Horses causing a mutuel refund may be required to qualify before entries will be accepted for future races.
11. Entries will not be accepted on horses causing two (2) mutuel refunds due to recalls at the current meet until they have qualified successfully on two consecutive occasions.
12. Horses starting in three (3) consecutive qualifying races failing to meet the prescribed standards may not be allowed to start in future qualifying races for a minimum of thirty (30) days. This rule does not apply to 2 & 3 Year Old Trotters. (Reference MPHRC Rule 177(4)
13. Hoppled horses that want to race free legged must first qualify free legged. Free legged horses that want to race with hobbles must first qualify with hobbles. (Reference MPHRC Rule 154 and 199)
14. Eight (8) horses of separate ownership are required in all overnight events or the events may be cancelled at the tracks discretion. Management may not permit more than two (2) horses with common ownership in any overnight race.
15. Unless excused in advance by the Presiding Judge, all horses are required to race from the Paddock Barn.



16. Horses scratched sick, lame or injured may not be eligible to race for five (5) days. (Reference MPHRC Rule 299(2) and 300)
17. In condition events, horses may not drop more than two (2) classes each start without the approval of the Race Secretary.
18. Horsemen with unpaid obligations to Red Shores will not be permitted to enter horses to race until such obligations are paid in full.
19. All participants in racing at the Charlottetown Driving Park and Summerside Raceway (including trainers, owners, drivers and caretakers) shall abide by all the rules and regulations of Red Shores, Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission and Standardbred Canada in regards to the conduct of the race meeting.
All of the above are applicable to racing at Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at Charlottetown Driving Park and Red Shores at Summerside Raceway and may be changed at the discretion of Management of Red Shores and with the approval of MPHRC


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